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SCOTTISH YES! to BELGIAN FABLES: “The Comic Confeirin o Crieff”

October 01, 2014 Door: Frank Adam Categorie: Uncategorized Comments Off on SCOTTISH YES! to BELGIAN FABLES: “The Comic Confeirin o Crieff”

De Belgische fabel “De komiekenconferentie van Rochefort” verscheen in het Schots in Lallans, the journal o Scots Airts an letters, in een vertaling van Derrick McLure.

Lallans, opgericht in 1972 en een van de langst lopende literaire magazines in Schotland, wordt volledig gepubliceerd in het Schots.  Fragment Lallans 84 Simmer 2014:


“In Caledonia the-day, the comic hes niffer’t his place as a fule an dissenter for the place o a heich-heid-yin in the Meinistry o Lauchs.  (…)  An thon’s the wey the comic, confeirin nice an cosh-like wi the heich-heid-yins, staiblishes a comic compulsion whaur ilka bodie at disna gie thairsel ower tae lauchin gets a douce wee knidge, a freinlie thrait.  In this kyn o dictatorship, it’s no forbidden tae lauch: it’s compulsory.   The comic’s no a freedom fechter, he’s a collaborator; an lauchter’s no a pheisic, it’s a sleepin-draucht.  Gin lauchter uiss’t tae cantle ye up, nou it maks ye disjaskit, wanrestie, skeerie.  Whan the Roman Empire wes faain it wes orgies at wes aa the fashion; waltzes at the faa o the Austrian Empire, an nou at the faa o the haill o mankyn it’s lauchter: that’s baith the symptom an the condeition.”    (more…)