Adam’s Fables in EU Space

Arts Flanders, Ed. 7, Octobre 2008

Le siège du CNES à Paris - © CNES/E.MARTIN



Le siège du CNES à Paris – © CNES/E.MARTIN


In the context of the French chairmanship of the European Union 2008, the French space agency Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales (CNES), in collaboration with the literary organisation Lettres Européennes, will publish a collection of short stories on the topic of ‘The European Union and space’.

27 authors from nearly as many nationalities were asked to participate in the project. Frank Adam, author and performer, was chosen to represent Flanders – Belgium. He explored the subject in a philosophical/absurd fable from his literary cycle called Confidenties aan een ezelsoor (Confidences to a donkey’s ear).


The European Parliament in Strasbourg
On the 22nd of October, the author and his 26 foreign colleagues will read their work in the European Parliament in Strasbourg.


Adam’s absurd fables have appeared in the Flemish newspapers De Standaard and De Morgen. His erotic tales with illustrations by Klaas Verplancke have earned critical acclaim amongst others in the literary section of De Standaard: ‘A sensual celebration of erotic fantasy’ (De Standaard der letteren).

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