Requiem for gods

In 2009, at the request of the Concertgebouw, Joachim Brackx composed the excellent Whispers for the ensemble Currende, in which he himself sings.

This time Brackx is not only writing for Currende, but also for the Triatu percussion trio.

In Requiem voor goden Brackx and author-dramatist Frank Adam bury the notion of god ‘in the depths of consciousness’, so that they can ‘resurrect it transformed in the human mind’.

This requiem is a mysterious musical ritual, in which the text departs from the classic litany and gradually pushes at boundaries and questions certainties. In a poetic maelstrom of ideas, images and prayers, it consigns the notion of god to eternal rest and in doing so illuminates the human spirit.

Joachim Brackx: music
Frank Adam: text
Currende: ensemble
Erik Van Nevel: conductor
Triatu: percussion trio

production: Nabla npa
coproduction: Concertgebouw Brugge