Ecrivain flamand essait de sauver le royaume de belgique à Strasbourg avec aide de l’union européenne (EU) et le Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales (CNES)

October 22, 2008

Press release – communiqué de presse
Bruges, Arts Centre – Centre des arts De Werf, October 21st 2008

Flemish author tries to save kingdom of Belgium in strasbourg
with aid from European Union (eu) and French Space Agency (cnes)

Adam & ‘Fictions européennes’

On October 22nd the French space agency ‘Centre National d’études Spatiales’ (cnes) and the literary organisation ‘Les Lettres Européennes’ present the book ‘Fictions Européennes’ at the Museum of modern and contemperary art in Strasbourg.

The book contains 30 short stories about ‘The European Union and Space’, written by 30 European authors, in the frame of the French chairmanship of the European Union.

Among them is author-playwright Frank Adam who represents the federal state of Flanders and will perform his text in an politically inspired, Belgian way.  Read more…

The Absurd fables of Frank Adam

Adam’s space-story is an episode in his succesfull literary cycle of absurd fables ‘Confidences to a Donkey’s ear’ (Confidences à l’oreille d’un âne).

In each fable a tormented character does a confidence to a donkey with one ear.

Adam & Sarkozy

In his cnes-fable ‘Space, Being & Love’ (‘L’espace, l’être et l’amour’) Adam critically evaluates the migration policy of the European Union and President Sarkozy.

Adam & King Albert II

At Strasbourg Adam won’t read his text, as asked by the CNES, in his mothertongue.
In the age-old tradition of the King of the Belgians, he will read it in the three official languages of his country: Dutch, French and German.
With this symbolic action he asks the Belgian politicians to stop their tribal disputes.

Furthermore he proposes the Belgian population to learn each others language. He hopes that by doing so the Flemish, Walloons and Germanspeaking Belgians will devellop a mutual antropological interest and will unite their forces to keep Belgium together.

Adam & Les Voix érotiques de la Belgique: ‘Erotic Fables’

In Flanders Adam himself has just set the example by adapting Book Three of his Confidences, ‘Erotic Fables’ to the theatre in three Belgian tongues:

German, French and West-Flemish (a medieval dialectical relic that is only spoken on the rough costal borders of Belgium).

Together with composer Johan De Smet and his sensual musical muses ‘Les Voix érotiques de la Belgique’ Adam amazed public and press with:

‘a mass of unchastity, an ecstacy arousing music ritual, brilliantly composed, in the spirit of Decamerone and Canterbury Tales, and in a régie sparkling of testosteron. Adam didn’t only make a confidence, he also did it with great “self-confidence” (De Standaard).

Adam & his Confidences

Since 2004 Adam publishes his fables in the Flemish quality newpapers De Standaard and De Morgen, collects them in several Books, adapted them himself to two theatreplays, a radio play and a songcycle.

A contemporary Candide

Adam’s absurd fables, according to the Flemish magazine Knack ‘a phenomenon’, have further more been called ‘a contemperary Candide’ (De Standaard der letteren), ‘hilarious, brilliant tales’ (Radio 1), ‘Wisdomparables run off from the Book of 1001 Nights’ (Knack), and ‘a formule as strong as iron, a golden egg’ (vrt-radio Klara).